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    Lance Armstrong Says: Commute by Bike!

    February 18, 9:50 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Lance Armstrong can do amazing things on a bicycle (most notably, ride it very quickly up very steep mountains). Yet it turns out that, for all the individual glory he has achieved as a professional cyclist, his greatest contribution to cycling may be

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    NAFTA Bad For Mexico's Air Quality

    February 17, 9:49 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    You've just traded in your old junker for a brand new, fuel-efficient car. It's quiet, clean, and leaves your friends 'green' with envy. You feel mighty good about the purchase, and well you should, right? Well, according to a recent Los Angeles

  • ann-coulter-image.jpg

    Yet Another Of Ann Coulter's Dislikes: Electric Cars

    February 15, 9:10 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Ann Coulter isn't shy about expressing her hatred of liberals in general and the New York times in particular, nor does she hesitate to proclaim that both climate change and evolution are hoaxes. Her inflammatory comments should come as no surprise;

  • london-bicycle-ambulance-image.jpg

    London to Spend US$975 Million on Walking and Cycling Programs Over Next Decade

    February 12, 9:54 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    London is certainly at the forefront of efforts by cities to lower emissions of carbon dioxide, reduce traffic and air pollution, and promote healthier lifestyles. In addition to imposing a congestion tax , as well as a 'Dirty Lorry' charge, on

  • bike-share-seville.jpg

    Saddle Up: Bike-Sharing Program Arrives in Tucson

    February 11, 8:35 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Cities around the world are trying to be more bike-friendly. Some are doing so by building bike paths, incentivizing cycling and bicycle-related industries, and implementing bike-share programs. Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona and New York City are

  • GMC-dealership-image.jpg

    GM Urges Dealers to Oppose California Waiver

    February 10, 11:27 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    General Motors, already unhappy about the new CAFE standards, is even less happy about the fact that California wants to impose even more stringent standards. And while the EPA has denied the waiver it needs to do so, California is challenging that

  • hydrogen-toy-car.jpg

    This Hydrogen Car is a Real Toy!

    February 9, 2:23 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We've seen our fair share of hydrogen cars here on Treehugger. Some, such as Honda's FCX Clarity, GM's Equinox Fuel Cell Crossover and BMW's Hydrogen 7 are production ready (which does NOT mean they are being mass-produced!). Others, including the


    Sorry Detroit, Heavy Cars Are Not Safer

    February 5, 10:27 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    A while back we covered the Competitive Enterprise Institute's claim that the new CAFE standards will cost lives due to lighter and, in their opinion, more unsafe cars. That led to some animated discussion--as well as some confusion--as to whether or

  • einstein-bicycle-image.jpg

    It Doesn't Take a Genius: 'Power to the Pedal' Design Competition Underway

    February 4, 8:13 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Design 21: social design network works "to bring designers and non-profits together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design." In partnership with UNESCO, they have brought us the Heated Issue: A Global Warming Design and the DESIGN 21

  • ez-pass-image.jpg

    Another Benefit Of Hybrids: Discounted Tolls

    February 3, 5:42 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We recently reported that the state of Ohio is "changing laws that allow any hybrid into the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane." What this means is that only those "hybrids that improve mileage by 50 percent in the city or 25 percent overall" compared

  • hybrid-chevy-tahoe-image.jpg

    Ohio to Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Drivers: Get Out of the Carpool Lane!

    February 1, 9:46 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Over the last few years hybrid vehicles have become, for many within the environmental community as well as the greater public, a kind of panacea for problems ranging from climate change, to dependence on foreign oil, to air pollution. Of course, as

  • baghdad-map-image.jpg

    Iraq Again Focuses Attention on U.S., This Time By Ratifying Kyoto

    January 29, 3:53 PM by Andrew Posner in Corporate Responsibility

    Yes, that's right: the Iraqi government, which has been unable to provide many basic services and security to its citizens, has ratified the Kyoto Protocol. According to the Agence France-Presse,

  • monterey book photo

    A Bicycle That Creates Clean Air AND Clean Water!

    January 28, 8:43 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    As part of Specialized and Google's Innovate-or-Die contest, we've seen the bicycle put to some interesting uses, including lawn mowing and powering an MIT supercomputer. Clever as those designs were, however, the Grand Prize went to a team from Menlo

  • gm-fuel-cell-car12.jpg

    For GM, The Cars Are Greener on the Other Side

    January 27, 11:32 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    GM's current offering of vehicles in the U.S. is decidedly unremarkable in the realm of fuel economy. However, if their lineup of prototype and limited production vehicles is any indication of things to come, GM seems to be catching up with what

  • bicycle-water-bottle.jpg

    Winter Tips For Summer Bicycle Trips: Part 2

    January 25, 1:36 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    If you are looking to take the ultimate, high efficiency, carbon-neutral road trip, then bicycle touring is tailor made for you. In part 1 of this series, I discussed the reasons for doing a trip by bicycle, and made several gear recommendations. In

  • cyclist-california-beach.jpg

    Winter Tips For Summer Bicycle Trips: Part 1

    January 23, 2:21 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    When winter closes in, all but the most ardent of cyclists pack their wheels away, and await the return of warmer days. Of course, winter is no reason to stop cycling for fun or recreation: we’ve provided tips on winter riding here, here and here.

  • israel-road-sign.jpg

    Israel Says Shalom to Electric Cars

    January 21, 10:47 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    When you are a tiny country with almost no oil, located in a volatile region, and your gasoline consistently sells for over $6 a gallon, electric cars are an especially attractive option. We recently told you about Shai Agassi, an American-Israeli

  • cruise-ship-in-port.jpg

    Coral Reef + Cruise Ship= Conservation?

    January 19, 9:58 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    The need to find creative ways to protect coral reefs has never been greater. Human activity is causing coral die-offs faster than previously thought. In the Caribbean, studies are showing that coral may be heading toward extinction. Increased ocean


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