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  • dick-cheney-opposes-gas-tax-holiday.jpg

    Even Cheney Thinks Gas Tax Holiday is a Bad Idea

    June 3, 1:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Just how bad an idea is the gas tax holiday being proposed most prominently by John McCain and Hillary Clinton? Well, it raised the ire of NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, but that's certainly no surprise. No, Dick Cheney, the reclusive

  • columbus-ohio-creates-bicycle-master-plan.jpg

    Columbus, Ohio Unveils 20-Year Bicycle Master Plan

    June 2, 2:32 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Joining a growing number of cities, including New York, Seattle, Chicago, London and Copenhagen, Columbus, Ohio has just unveiled a $167.6 million, 288-page, 20-year plan to make the city more bicycle friendly. An integral part of the plan will be

  • riding-the-bicycle-train.jpg

    Need A Ride To The Sustainable Living Festival? Hop On the Bike Train!

    June 1, 7:22 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    The Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living, based in Coventry, Rhode Island, will be hosting its annual Sustainable Living Festival on June 7 and 8. The great news is that the Festival is typically well attended, but what about all those carbon

  • chevy-tahoe-hybrid-image-car.jpg

    Sales of Hybrid S.U.V.s Lower Than Expected

    May 31, 1:50 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    The Chevy Tahoe hybrid may have won the Green Car of the Year award, and the Chicago Police is considering a switch to the vehicle for policing duties, but the response from the general public has been lukewarm at best: "G.M. has sold [only] about

  • seattle-tries-to-get-drivers-to-ditch-cars.jpg

    Seattle Incentivizes Residents To Ditch Their Cars

    May 27, 6:57 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    While John McCain and Hillary Clinton are looking to a summer gas tax holiday to ease the pain Americans are feeling at the pump, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, a leader in the push to get cities to adopt the Kyoto Protocol, has taken a different

  • ford-escape-hybrid-lifeguard-patrol-vehicle.jpg

    Now That's Sexy: LA County Lifeguards Get Ford Escape Hybrids

    May 26, 11:55 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We've seen Ford Escape Hybrid taxis in New York City, and now they are making the move to sunny Los Angeles, where they will serve as patrol cars for the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Headquarters. If only Baywatch were still on the air, they'd likely

  • att-greens-its-vehicle-fleet.jpg

    AT&T; Greens its Fleet With 105 New, Efficient Vehicles

    May 25, 7:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars is reporting that AT&T; will soon add 105 compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid vehicles to its fleet in order to "track fuel efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, performance and driver satisfaction of each vehicle" as

  • kabul-bicycle-courier-service-afghanistan-image.jpg

    In Afghanistan, Bicycle Courier Service Provides Work For the Wounded

    May 23, 7:50 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Decades of war and internal strife in Afghanistan have left many Afghanis wounded, disabled and unable to work. In fact, so bad is the situation that "according to the United Nations an average of 60 people every month are killed or wounded by

  • bicycles-ride-safe-humboldt-county.jpg

    In Humboldt County, Cyclists Get Bicycle Training

    May 19, 7:33 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We've previously covered the bicycle traffic school in Santa Cruz, California, but what about teaching cyclists the rules of the road before they get a ticket for unsafe riding? After all, while cyclists have the same rights--and responsibilities--as

  • students-planting-trees-image.jpg

    Students Plant Trees To Offset Emissions From School Bus

    May 18, 8:53 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We've seen great examples of high school students taking the green bull by the horn recently, perhaps most notably the young environmentalists that protested the anti-bicycle policy at their school in New Jersey. Now, a group of high schoolers in an

  • paul-mccartneys-lexus-hybrid.jpg

    Paul McCartney's Lexus Hybrid Delivered By Plane From Japan

    May 13, 3:45 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Paul McCartney should have been celebrating: the High Court of England had just finalized his very public divorce from Heather Mills, and on top of that he had just received a Lexus LS600H as a gift from Lexus for doing some promotional work for them.

  • smart car how smart smart car image

    Smart Car: How Smart Is It?

    May 12, 3:25 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    The Smart Car is undoubtedly cute and novel, but is it a smart choice for drivers that are concerned about the environment as well as their wallet? We've given the Smart Car a lot of coverege here on TreeHugger (here, here, here, here, here and here,

  • bicycle-rack-rejected-at-high-school.jpg

    Young Environmentalists Protest Anti-Bicycle Policy At Their High School

    May 11, 7:31 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Here at Treehugger we've seen lots of examples of activism in high schools as part of our Go Green School of the Week Series (for instance, here, here and here). The following story about a group of high school students in New Jersey, however, truly

  • port-of-los-angeles.jpg

    New Plan Aims Reduce Air Pollution From LA, Long Beach Ports

    May 9, 8:32 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    As part of a $500 million plan to clean up the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles--which are significant sources of air pollution in the Los Angeles basin--half of the 16,000 diesel trucks that currently operate at the ports will be replaced with

  • China-Builds-Worlds-Largest-Bridge.jpg

    China Opens 22-Mile Long Bridge--The World's Longest

    May 6, 10:50 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    China, it seems, can't build fast enough or big enough these days, be it new airport terminals, dams, buildings for the Olympics, coal fired power plants, or bridges. In fact, last week China opened the world's longest sea bridge, spanning 22-miles

  • amtral-celebrates-national-train-day.jpg

    Celebrate National Train Day on May 10th

    May 5, 9:27 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    In an effort to continue building on five straight years of record ridership, as well as the recent publicity given to train travel by Barack Obama, Amtrak is dubbing May 10th 'National Train Day.' The day will feature events in New York, Los Angeles,

  • bicycle-lid-system-for-riverside-california.jpg

    New Bicycle Parking System Comes to Riverside, CA

    May 4, 11:17 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Cyclists in Riverside, California will soon be able to enjoy greater peace of mind when locking their bikes around town, thanks to the installation of 12 BikeLid systems at the Riverside and Corona Metrolink stations. The somewhat odd-looking

  • charles-rangel-leases-a-cadillac.jpg

    What Do Members of Congress Drive?

    May 3, 8:44 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    What you drive can say a lot about you, your lifestyle, your income, and even your values. The question, brought up in a recent NY Times article, is what would you choose to drive if the lease were


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