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    MDI Unveils Radically Designed Air-Powered Concept Car

    October 27, 6:51 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    A Radical Design for A Simple Idea Vehicles powered by compressed air, much as plug-in hybrids and hydrogen cars, seem to be perennially stuck in the concept car phase, with talk of commercial releases just around the corner. However, the promise of

  • electric car image

    Project Better Place To Expand to Australia

    October 24, 7:05 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Project Better Place--Great Idea or Hot Air? We've heard a lot about Project Better Place, Shai Agassi's plan to make electric cars sell like cell phones. The simple premise behind the model is that batteries--the most expensive part of an electric

  • bicycles on street photo

    Bike Share Programs Becoming Increasingly Popular on College Campuses

    October 21, 7:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Bike Sharing Has Gone Global Bike Sharing--programs that enable multiple users to rent bikes and return them at stations scattered around a city or campus--has truly gone global. We've seen programs in Seville, Paris, Mexico City, Montreal and

  • plug in hybrid car photo

    Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Owners Struggle to Find Places to Charge Up

    October 20, 9:05 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles--Lots of Talk, Little Action For all the talk and excitement about plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), it is still extremely rare to come across one of these cars on the highways. Despite the fact

  • BMW mini cooper car photo

    Update on BMW's Electric Mini

    October 19, 7:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Update on BMW's Plans Back in July we reported on BMW's plans to make 500 electric Mini Coopers available in the California market. At the time, we were thinking that while it's great to see BMW planing to make available what was once an unofficial

  • monterey book photo

    Study Finds Noise Pollution in San Francisco Harms People's Health

    October 14, 2:48 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    We already know that noise pollution can drive people crazy and that combating the problem can lead to a better quality of life. But the real impact of noise pollution is greater than we might think: for instance, according to, not only is

  • airplane takes off photo

    How GPS Can Save The Airline Industry Time and Fuel

    October 10, 6:22 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    GPS--So Many Uses We've already seen how GPS can be used to track global warming, make cycling more efficient and fun, document environmental destruction and even find lost pets. Now, the Associated Press is reporting that the current U.S. air traffic

  • jumping deer photo

    Colorado Tries to Prevent RoadKill With New Technology

    October 7, 7:40 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Using Technology to Alert Drivers to Animals on the Road We recently covered the top five roadkill sites in America, as well as a dire IUCN report stating that "25% of all the world’s mammal species are at risk of extinction." What's the connection?

  • amtrak train photo

    Amtrak Finally Gets A Boost in Funding

    October 6, 7:09 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Amtrak Finally Gets More Funding The heavens are finally smiling on Amtrak, as a perfect storm of high gas prices, a slowing economy, concern over rail safety after the recent Los Angeles crash, soaring ridership and even Joe Biden's love of and support

  • monterey book photo

    Scraper Bikes: Cycling in Style

    September 27, 3:42 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Scraper Bikes Become a Sensation Thanks to YouTube NPR brings us this interesting story about how Scraper Bikes--bicycles that "have rims so big that they scrape the inside of the wheel well"--have become a sensation thanks to a group of teenagers who

  • bicycle collides with car photo

    Op-Ed Piece Argues That Cyclists Should Get Off the Road

    September 23, 7:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    After almost getting hit by a car on the way home from a bike ride today, I came across an op-ed piece in the Providence Journal (my local newspaper) titled 'Get Bikes off the Road.' The article began as follows: "It is often suggested that

  • cyclist on folding bicycle photo

    A Review of my Bike Friday Folding Bicycle

    September 19, 10:46 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    The author on board his brand new Bike Friday folding bicycle The Allure of Folding Bikes Finally Got to Me Okay, I'll admit it: I am a cycling fanatic. The bicycle is my sole means of transportation, and when I'm not riding from point A to B or

  • man with bicycle sharing bicycle photo

    Bike-Sharing Goes Global: 5 Programs You Should Know About

    September 5, 7:10 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    What is Bike-Sharing? If you at all familiar with the Zip Car model of car-sharing, then you should already undersand how bike-sharing works. Essentially, in a bike-share program bicycles are made available at special kiosks or racks that are

  • us green building council logo image

    Becoming a LEED Accredited Professional

    August 26, 9:34 AM by Andrew Posner in Sustainable Product Design

    Passing the LEED Exam Last Thursday I took--and passed--the LEED accreditation exam. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is a performance-based rating system for green buildings established by the U.S Green Building

  • garmin gps unit photo

    The Garmin 705: Making Cycling Even More Efficient and Fun

    August 25, 11:08 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    GPS Units Are Useful Affordable GPS units are tremendously useful, enabling scientists to track global warming, drivers to save fuel, indigenous groups to document environmental destruction, and so on. GPS is

  • monterey book photo

    'Bicycle Ballerina' Shows Why Cycling is Art in Motion

    August 22, 8:32 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Bicycle Ballerina Shows Why Cycling is Art in Motion If you thought cycling was just a great way to get in shape, have fun, save money and go green, think again! In the above video, the 'bicycle ballerina' shows why cycling is also an art form. Sure,

  • colorado bike park image

    Boulder, Colorado To Get 40-Acre Bike Park

    August 19, 7:00 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Boulder to Get a 40 Acre-Bike Park In addition to being one of America's most bike-friendly cities, Boulder, Colorado is also known for its progressive policies (such an enacting a carbon tax and creating a smart grid).

  • car in swimming pool photo

    Rock Band Encourages Fans to Carpool to Their Concerts

    August 18, 7:33 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Rock Band Encourages Carpooling Facebook already has an application that lets users arrange carpools, and now rock bands are getting in on the action as well. First, Live Earth encouraged concert goers to carpool to the event. Building on the idea


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