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  • highway-widening-image.jpg

    Thoughts on Freeway Widening and Public Transit

    January 23, 9:12 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Image Source: annia316 via Flickr Public Transit--A Tool of Appeasement? Last November 4th I excitedly went to my local polling station to cast my ballot in the Presidential election. At the same time, I also voted on several ballot initiatives in my

  • high speed train image

    Economic Downturn Affects California High Speed Rail Project

    January 12, 5:10 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Image: Another Negative Impact of the Economic Downturn The global economic downturn has already contributed to a major deficit at the New York MTA, lowered the value of recycled materials, and of course hurt individuals and

  • solar powered car image

    Toyota to Go Bold In Bid to Revive Flagging Sales

    January 2, 2:26 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Toyota Goes Bold Even Toyota, the maker of the much revered Toyota Prius, has been unable to escape the fallout from the economic downturn. In fact, Toyota just posted its first operating loss in 70 years, and the company is responding with bold plans

  • lithium ion battery photo

    American Lithium Ion Battery Makers Form Alliance

    December 26, 12:30 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Image Credit: kqedquest via Flickr A Bailout of Sorts for Battery Makers Too? Though the Big Three will end up getting their much sought bailout, no one-except, apparently, for Congress and the White House-is under the illusion that the Big Three are on

  • website image

    New Web Site Encourages Cycling Through Competition and Collaboration

    December 14, 1:17 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Image source: The Internet is a Great Tool for Promoting Sustainability We've covered lots of ways in which the internet can be used for promoting all things green. For instance, there's the green search engine, green web hosting, 6

  • subway photo

    $5.2 Billion Rail Project in Washington, D.C. A Sign of the Times

    December 9, 8:26 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Image Credit Fabio Raphael Public Transportation Gets a Boost Several trends are emerging in the current political and economic climate that are conducive to public transportation. First, there is the surging popularity of public transportation in the

  • commuter rail car photo

    Commuter Rail Returns to Baghdad

    December 7, 10:01 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Image Credit: Saad Khalaf / Los Angeles Times Commuter Rail Returns to Baghdad As a result of the significantly improved security situation in Iraq, the Ministration of Transportation has been able to provide a commuter rail service in Baghdad for the

  • cyclist on side of the road photo

    Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient With An Informal Bicycle Triple A

    November 24, 9:19 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    The Need For Roadside Assistance for Cyclists A recent email I received from the Brown University cycling listserv got me thinking about the need for roadside assistance for cyclists. Last week, two riders on the cycling team were out for a training

  • boston highway photo

    The Big Dig's Unintended Consequence: More Traffic

    November 23, 9:21 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Boston's Big Dig--the most expensive highway project ever completed in the U.S., which gave Boston "a gleaming new highway system that has made zipping beneath Boston and Boston Harbor much easier"--has had a very ironic and unintended consequence: more

  • subway car image

    Election Day A Boon For Mass-Transit

    November 18, 5:08 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Mass-Transit Gets Funded to the Tune of $75 Billion November 4th was a good day for democracy in general (most of the voting went off without a hitch) and Democrats in particular. But lost in all the excitement over Barack Obama's historic victory was

  • monterey book photo

    Virtuous Cycle Video Highlights Washington, D.C.'s Cycling Initiatives

    November 17, 9:02 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    With all the excitement about change coming to Washington with the election of Barack Obama, it can be easy to forget that the Capitol is slowly becoming a more bicycle-friendly city. As the above video highlights, Washington, D.C. recently

  • new-york-city-bicycle-parking-requirement.jpg

    New York City May Implement Tough Bicycle Parking Requirements

    November 16, 2:47 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    New York City, which has been working hard to promote cycling of late, has now proposed "bicycle parking rules that could be among the toughest in the nation, requiring one secure bike parking space for every two units in new apartment buildings and one

  • hybrid suv image

    Chrysler To Ax Two Hybrid Models

    November 15, 9:55 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Detroit appears to be on the road to receiving a bailout of its own, and this story is just another example of why the Big Three are in so much trouble in the first place. According to the New York Times, "HYBRID versions of the Chrysler Aspen and

  • commuter train in new york photo

    Economic Downturn Contributes to Major Deficit at M.T.A.

    November 11, 12:05 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    An Ironic Situation Public transit, which in the face of record gas prices has been looking increasingly attractive (although fuel costs have recently declined), is now being challenged by the economic downturn as certain revenue streams dry up. For

  • family on motorbike photo

    Brazilian Town Overrun by Motorbikes

    November 10, 8:17 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Brazilian Town Overrun by Motorbikes Tabatinga, Brazil, is a town of 47,000 people that, in most respects, is like any other Amazonian outpost, except Tabatinga "is practically a city run entirely by

  • new-york-city-hybrid-taxis-blocked-by-judge.jpg

    New York City's Hybrid Taxi Mandate Faces Legal Setback

    November 2, 7:05 AM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Bloomberg Makes News--Again New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who earlier this year deemed the threat of global warming as serious as terrorism, has been making lots of headlines lately on both the environmental and political fronts. Aside from

  • bicyclists in new york city photo

    Data Confirms Cycling On the Rise in New York City

    October 31, 12:46 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    New York City has been working hard to promote cycling, for instance by unveiling a new plan to become more bicycle friendly, looking into creating a bike-share program, hosting a bike movie festival, and sponsoring competitions for the design of a

  • two people shaking hands photo

    Poll Shows The Pickens Publicity Plan Is Working

    October 28, 6:15 PM by Andrew Posner in Cars

    Pickens is Campaigning for Energy Independence As the presidential campaign enters the home stretch, and the candidates continue hammering home their messages on the key issues of the day--among them, of course, energy independence and energy prices--it


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