Athena Contollable Toilet Flush Handle

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Remember the good old potty-motto, "If it's yellow ?" Even though I understand, respect and even occasionally follow this sage advice — that doesn't change the fact that it can kind of gack me out to "let it mellow." Fortunately for me and other eco-conscious yet squeamish treehuggers, Athena has developed The Controllable Flush replacement toilet handle. It is designed to let users flush less water for fluids and more water for solids by simply choosing to pull up or push down on the handle. The handle can help you save up to 67% of the water used by a conventional toilet (a chart with savings details is on the next page). Flushers can place this gadget on nearly any toilet, making it easy to save water and avoid the funk. [By Erin Oliver (thanks for the tip Bradley Hole!)]