ASAP House by Laszlo Kiss

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The New York Times covers the ASAP (About Saving the Planet) house being built in the Hamptons by Laszlo Kiss, who is "combining his modular aspirations with alternative energy technologies to create a Hamptons house that he hopes will marry modernist design with reasonable cost."

When we first saw it in Inhabitat we wondered how a single family house in the Hamptons can be about saving the planet, but now that it is built, we see that it does have some interesting features, and it is not another vacation home but a full time home for the architect/owners.


The pergolas that give it the distinctive appearance also support solar collectors, and the roofs are covered with a ten kilowatt photovoltaic array. A ground source heat pump provides heating and cooling.


The Times notes that Mr. Kiss's main challenge in the design was "to have as much open living space as possible, but to have private spaces at the same time." The flexible layout allows for a study or play area near the children's bedrooms down the hall from the master bedroom, as well as a separate work space for the couple."


There are some nice specifications, with bamboo floors and energy-star lighting. We were surprised that the walls had only R-19 insulation and only R-38 in the roof; that is less than most zero-energy designs would have. It will be interesting to see if the photovoltaics can produce enough juice to offset the ground source heat pump and the kitchen appliances.::ASAP house via . ::New York Times