Artist Jay Nelson Builds Monster Home at 200 Square Feet

©. Jay Nelson

Artist Jay Nelson is known to TreeHugger for his very tiny RV houses, including this electric bike RV tiny house on wheels. So when he builds 200 square feet in Hawaii, we can only call it a monster home by comparison.

Interior of Jay nelson house

© Jay Nelson

If it is not exactly tiny by Jay Nelson standards, it also is not quite a home yet, given that it doesn't appear to have any plumbing or windows (although in Hawaii you might not even need them.)

Party time in nelson tiny house

© Jay Nelson

Clearly it is big enough for a party though.

loft in nelson tiny house

© Jay Nelson

Unlike many tiny houses with lofts, this sleeping area is reached by a comfortable stair. More at Jay Nelson's site, found via Tiny House Living and the Shelter Blog.

Golden gate

© Jay Nelson

Now for Jay Nelson, this is a tiny house. I suppose he needed just a bit more room.