Arquitectonica Greenwraps a Parking Garage

bentley from corner
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The standard of design in Miami and Miami Beach condos isn't very high, and most sit on chunky, ugly bases of up to ten floors of parking. Really, how many cars do these people have? At the prices people are were paying, why couldn't they sink the garages below grade and the water level, people know how to do this and keep them dry, instead of building these eyesores? Who wants a city where the nearest eyes on the street are a hundred feet up?

bentely bay water image

At least some talented architects know that nothing softens an eyesore like a bit of green, and there are few more talented than Arquitectonica, who famously punched a big hole in a slab to create the icon that graced the credits of Miami Vice. At the Bentley Bay condo, they master the art of Greenwrapping- taking something completely offensive and making it just a little bit less so by adding a few green elements.

bentley closeup

It is too bad the last election ruined the phrase "lipstick on a pig" forever; I used to use it to describe exactly this kind of situation. The plants are growing in nicely; the palm trees on top look terrific. A lot of care has gone into making this the prettiest garage in Miami Beach. Too bad that the street is still a wasteland.