Army Plans 500 MW of Solar Power at Fort Irwin by 2022

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Last October, the US Army announced that it would be developing a 500 MW solar thermal power plant at Fort Irwin, California. At the time details as to who would be developing the project and when it might come online were lacking, but we now have more details on that (via Greentech Media):The big twist at this stage is that this won't be one single power plant but a series of solar power projects spread out on 14,000 acres of land, employing both photovoltaic and solar thermal technology.

Construction Not to Begin Until 2011
To develop these projects the Army has tapped Clark Energy Group and Acciona Solar Power. Total cost for the projects -- which it should be stressed are still really in the planning stages -- is expected to be on the order of $2 billion. Construction isn't expected to begin until 2011 and not be completed until 2022.

Power generated by the projects will be used both by the base and sold to the private-sector.

via: Greentech Media
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