Arkema Solar Powered Shower Looks Great...But Is It Really Solar Powered?

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Images via Arkema

The Arkema Solar Shower is a gorgeous outdoor shower design. Intended for installation in cabins, homes with pools or hot tubs, or at beach-side hotels, this lovely shower is a stylish way to get clean. And the best part is there's even a solar powered model! It is generating a small buzz in the green blogosphere as a beautiful way to take a greener shower. But, there's only one problem. The shower may be solar powered, but it doesn't mean this is a solar shower, and it isn't "green." Arkema states, "The version D 271 don't need electric connection. A practical panel Photo voltaico feeds the operation of the elettro valve. covering of series a system to microchips and mechanics that it allows etc the management of the place public establishment bathing Hotel Camping, the total control of the consumptions of water."

We think they're saying that the solar panel at the top will generate enough electricity to run the shower. But it couldn't possibly be enough to actually heat the water, despite that the website says "Shower Heated By The Sun." That little panel is barely big enough to charge a cell phone battery after a day of sitting in the sun. There's actually alot more to heating water via solar power. So, when Trendir states, "This solar powered shower by Arkema lets you enjoy a long, hot shower without detriment to the environment, thanks to its eco-friendly sun-powered technology," that's not necessarily true (or true at all, considering a long hot shower is wasting water, which is as detrimental to the environment as the energy it takes to heat the water).

It isn't without a good sense of style, as Earthtechling points out the usual solar shower looks like "the bag you might pull out of your handy box o' wine, with an attached hose, and is about as classy." But in fact, that's the real solar shower in this case. The Arkema model looks great, but isn't really solar powered.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good hot solar-powered outdoor shower in style - it just takes a little more effort - but you can DIY something starting at a cost of about $5.