Aquaponics USA: Ready-To-Use Aquaponic Kits for Home Fish Farming

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From Gavin Leiminer's guest post on aquaponics as the urban food revolution to the Aquaponics Made Easy DVD, there is a huge amount of interest in combining hydroponics with fish farming for a mutually beneficial partnership. Most notably Will Allen's Growing Power team in Milwaukee have shown how aquaponics can produce a remarkable amount of high-quality protein and veggies on very limited urban land. But what about the home hobbyist who doesn't have time to build their own? A US company is now offering off-the-shelf aquaponic systems for wannabe backyard/garage/greenhouse fish farmers. Click below the fold for more details. Based in Yucca Valley, California, Aquaponics USA are clearly believers in the idea that our industrial food system won't be around forever, and we'd better start growing our own food for security, health and economic well-being. Their contact page even states that they have a short wave radio system in case "things get really dicey".

The company offers one and two bed aquaponic systems that include fish tank, grow bed, growing media, pumps, all necessary plumbing and fish feed. All you'll need, so they say, is electricity, a water supply, and a drain. You'll probably need some fish and some plants too. And if you're planning on growing inside, then you'll need a grow lamp (which Aquaponics USA also supply).

The systems aren't cheap - starting at $2495 for the one bed set up - but if they are as durable and productive as the company claims, they should pay for themselves in only a year or two. And if the proverbial do-do really does hit the fan, as Aquaponics USA predict, then a source of home grown protein and veggies could prove invaluable...