Apparently Human Hair Is a Great Green Fertilizer

cut hair on floor photo
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Cut Hair to Go Please, I'm a Gardener
Those of us that compost know that human hair, as well as cat & dog hair, is safe to throw in the heap. But Discovery News reports on a study published in the journal HortTechnology that shows that human hair might be a better - and greener - fertilizer than we thought.

Hair contains all the organic nutrients that plants need to grow, Zeliazkov said. But it takes about a month for those nutrients to break down into an inorganic form that plants can use. [...]
Those results suggest that hair could be a good fertilizer for slow-growing crops, such as basil, sage, and ornamental shrubs, Zeliazkov said. For quicker-growing vegetables, gardeners might need to mix hair with chemicals to get through the first few weeks. Hair is on the list of certified organic growing methods.

What we can wonder about is the impact that hair products (coloring, treatment, whatever) has on the soil. It's probably not that bad since we put it directly on our heads, but it's still something to consider.

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