7 Annoying Company Jingles

Photo: YouTube.

In advertising, there are great company jingles and there are annoying company jingles. Both of these types of jingles have something in common though, the uncanny ability to stick in someone’s head. Even the most annoying company jingle is successful because it is tied strongly to brand recognition.

Does the phrase “I have a structured settlement and I need cash now,” ring a bell? I walked into the living room and sang that one sentence and my husband finished the line. Yes, it is an annoying company jingle but I know the brand J.G. Wentworth.

1. J.G. Wentworth

While thinking of annoying company jingles the first one that came to mind was J.G. Wentworth’s catchy little tune. I don’t have a structured settlement and even if I did, I wouldn’t settle for a lump sum payout but that company’s annoying jingle has a permanent home in my memory.

2. Education Connection

“When I get a degree, I will make a bigger salary.” *sigh* Where do I start with this commercial? Where’s the line about “and have exorbitant student loan payments?” A college degree can be a boost to your career but a quick peek at the site’s list of colleges looks like a directory of private for-profit universities. Add that in to the fact that the commercial is an attempt to create a pop song and this makes Education Connection my number two most annoying commercial.

3. Safelite AutoGlass

In my opinion, the Safelite commercials aren’t annoying, until you get to the last three seconds. “Safelite repairs, Safelite replace.” Shouldn’t that be "replaces?" This annoying little jingle works, though. When my insurance agent gave me a list of companies that I could use for my deductible-free windshield replacement, guess which company I called? Yes, Safelite.

4. FreeCreditScore.com

FreeCreditScore.com takes the jingle concept to a new level. The entire commercial is a song; a catchy upbeat tempo, happy people by the poolside and an unusually high-pitched whistle, what more could you ask for in an annoying commercial?

5. The General Insurance

I don’t know what’s more annoying about The General Insurance’s commercial – the little Patton-esque mascot or the scruffy-voiced jingle? If I need car insurance, I know which company I’m not calling. The entire commercial wreaks of substandard quality and that’s not something I look for when scouting out an insurance company.

6. Napa Know How

The Napa Know How jingle has been so successful that the company doesn’t even use the words in its newest commercials. The tune is still there and if you’re like me, you still say the words. Brilliant move Napa, brilliant!

7. Empire

Do you need carpet, tile or other flooring? If so, call Empire Today – the company’s jingle is their toll-free number but this jingle sounds better suited for the 1950s than today. It’s time to update your jingle, Empire.