This Is What Happens to Your Poop After You Flush It (Video)

Screen capture. AsapSCIENCE

Digestion is truly a remarkable process. In the span of around 12-hours or so, your body transforms your meals, once enticingly on your plate, into waste material too taboo to discuss in polite company. But that food material's adventure through the 27 feet of a human's digestive system is really just the beginning.

So, what happens to your poop post-flush? Well, the answer is quite riveting -- well, for poop, anyways.

The good folks at AsapSCIENCE were kind enough to put together this animated video detailing the typical journey of human waste as it travels through sewage pipes and arrives at waste-processing facilities, and ultimately back into the food cycle. The process, while certainly not a glamorous one, is arguably one of the most important parts of public infrastructure -- helping to ensuring our large, dense populations enough clean water to be quenched.

Unfortunately, although the marvels of modern sewage systems are often overlooked in the developed world, more than half of humans on the planet lack proper sewage treatment, increasing the risk of diseases and environmental contamination related to improperly disposed of waste.

Via Gizmodo