Video: Well-managed forests provide habitat for at-risk species

SFI’s conservation efforts are focused on measuring the benefits of adhering to SFI standards when it comes to enhancing biodiversity, water quality, and carbon sequestration across the almost 370 million acres/150 million hectares of SFI‑certified forestland in the U.S. and Canada. An important part of this work is how sustainably managed forests can benefit species at risk. It's a common misconception that an untouched forest is all we can do for species at risk, but a well-managed forest can actually provide improved habitat for certain species.

"SFI provides that assurance that not only is this forest providing the value you want in terms of economy and jobs, but it can also provide habitat for all species at risk," says Darren J.H. Sleep, the Senior Director of Conservation, Science, and Strategy at SFI.

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Video: Well-managed forests provide habitat for at-risk species
Through forestry, SFI provides the essential security of long-term habitat conservation for at-risk species.

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