These adorable birds patiently wait in line to repeatedly woo a single she-bird

Blue manakins
Screen capture YouTube

The super civilized courting by male blue manakins is as humorous as it is mesmerizing.

It’s like The Bachelorette of the bird world – a group of males gather to win the affections of the single female manakin. They patiently wait their turn to pitch woo as she considers each one’s gifts of dance and song. As soon as one has done his bidding, he swiftly flits to the back of the line and queues up for another chance. At the end of the parade, they sit and await her decision. The whole thing is so polite and civilized!

There are more than 50 species of this flashy little bird, and they all court the females in equally charming fashion. The blue manakins shown in the videos below are found in the forests of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Like many a species, the males are showy while the females are rather unassuming. You kind of have to look for the female here, she’s the demure green one on the end … holding the fate of her suitors calmly under her wing.

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