Reindeer herding in Norway is a thing of exquisite beauty (video)

Reindeer herd
Video screen capture Vimeo

This 3-minute aerial film of hundreds of migrating reindeer in the thick of winter will take your breath away.

Filmed by Jan Helmer Olsen, this short film doesn't have a lot of plot or storyline. There are no actors, there is no climax or denouement. It's shot from on-high and features nothing more than a group of reindeer and their herders moving across the frozen landscape of Norway. And I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

Bringing to mind the murmurations of starlings that so captivated the world a few years ago, this herd of reindeer flock with such fluid grace that in watching them, resistance to mesmerization is futile. The Norwegian landscape and subtle brilliance of the sky don't hurt things ... and the soundtrack, a traditional Sami joik, seals the deal.

See for yourself (in full-screen if possible):

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