Mesmerizing short film follows photographer through the Arctic, wolves and polar bears ensue (video)

Vincent Munier
Screen capture Vincent Munier/National Geographic/YouTube

Take a breathtaking 9-minute journey with wildlife photographer Vincent Munier through the beautifully bleak frozen North, you won’t be sorry.

It takes a special kind of person to be a wildlife photographer, and a different animal altogether to specialize in the stark frigid world at the top of the earth. Let us introduce you to Vincent Munier.

Munier has spent years exploring the Arctic, pulling a sled for his gear and shooting some of the most stunning photographs on the planet. Trekking hundreds of miles from Scandinavia to the northernmost islands of Nunavut, he’s captured white wolves and foxes, snowy owls and polar bears, and everything inbetween. His work defies cliché, with the landscape and animals sometimes verging on abstraction, adding even more magic and mystery to a world few of us will ever experience firsthand.

Ahead of the release of the book, Arctique, which shares Munier’s unique view of the places and animals he has such an affinity for, this short film was released by National Geographic. It shows not only the lengths that Munier goes for his art, but footage of the landscape and its inhabitants rarely seen by us mere mortals.

As DL Cade at PetaPixel writes: "Not a single word is spoken in the entire nine minute and fifteen second video, because not a single word is needed. The photographs and live shots both are capable of leaving anyone speechless… can you blame them if it worked on the narrator?"

It's so beautiful, enjoy.

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