Video: A mama dog nurses a cat

a mother dog nurses a cat
© Myles Heff

Yeah, we didn't believe it at first either. Apparently unlikely animal friendships go really far.

My friend Myles just came back from a trip to Malaysia and was telling me about his travels.

“I saw a dog nurse a cat,” he told me.


He pulled out his phone and showed me a video. In it, Myles is hanging out on a picnic bench near his hostel, watching a stray cat and dog. The cat nuzzles up to the dog and then, incomprehensively, starts nursing. And the dog lets it!

"Hang on a second," says Myles in the video. "Wait, that's really milk?"

“That was too much,” Myles told me later. “If that cat was really nursing on that dog, that is some groundbreaking stuff. I’ve never heard of that before.”

I was just touched that the two had found each other. It seemed like proof that the universe is a pretty decent place after all.

“It was really cool to see two unlikely friends that stereotypically hate each other just being so sweet,” Myles agreed.

But then I looked at the video more closely. That wasn’t a kitten. It was a full-grown cat. Had the enterprising feline milked the mother dog the way a farmer milks a cow?

Now I have so many questions. What is the relationship between these two animals? Are they fish out of water forming an unlikely family? Or is this cat some kind of master manipulator? And where are the dog’s puppies? It seems pretty suspicious that they'd be nowhere near their mother.

Am I watching a romcom or a crime drama?

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to reach either the cat or the dog for comment at this time. I may have to book a flight to Malaysia to get to the bottom of it.

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