An hour’s worth of birds in the sky compressed into a minute (video)

An hour's worth of birds
Screen capture Paul Parker/Vimeo

Trippy, creepy, magic, beautiful!

Paul Parker is a videographer who sees the world in an unusual way … and fortunately is able to translate it for the rest of us via the magic of his camera and post-processing skills. Case in point, his 55-second video called An Hour of Birds All At Once.

It isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean I’m not keen to share it. It’s mesmerizing – it’s a bit Hitchcock (OK, a lot Hitchcock … but that’s not necessarily bad), a bit trip-hop (or maybe trip-disco, if that’s not a thing, it is now) and all kinds of weirdly wonderful. It presents the various flight paths of various birds as they traipse across the heavens, allowing the viewer a striking glimpse of how birds own the sky.

According to Beckett Mufson at The Creator’s Project, Parker recorded an hour’s worth of birds flying and then compressed it into a timelapse. “While this is unsettling enough, particularly with the distorted remix of Donna Summer’s "I Feel Love" keeping up the soundtrack,” writes Mufson, “Parker cranks the creepy up to 11 by replicating the time-lapse with a brief delay, layering swarm upon swarm of birds until the sky is literally black with the small-brained predators.”

While I’m sticking with my trippy-but-lovely impression – as opposed to Mufson’s run-for-the-hills take – it is admittedly a bit eerie. But to see the otherwise invisible routes and patterns created by our avian cohabitants is really pretty grand, as you can see for yourself below:

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