This enormous huntsman spider is Australia's largest (video)

© Australian Reptile Park/Facebook

Watch this quick and nimble huntsman spider ... that is over 6 inches and said to be the largest one yet discovered.

Oh, Australia. Land of wonders, like the prehistoric shrimp that emerged from the desert after heavy rain and mice-toting spiders and even towns that are treated to showers of raining arachnids. In comparison, this enormous huntsman spider may seem rather banal – but then again, experts are claiming that it is the biggest ever seen in Australia, and that's actually saying something, given that it's Australia.

The appropriately named "Behemoth" was brought to the the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales last week. The zookeepers are claiming that the 6 1/3-inch (16cm) arachnid is the country’s largest ever.

As noted on the park's Facebook page: "Behemoth the huntsman spider certainly kept Tim Faulkner and the keepers on their toes yesterday!!" And as much as I love all creatures, I may have been on my toes on top of a chair.

General manager Faulkner said the species often “get a bad rap” because of their size but were generally harmless to humans. (Aside from trauma, I'd add.) "Huntsman spiders tend to inhabit many places that humans do and will pop up when you least expect them. Such times are in your car when driving or in your room when watching TV, but they really are not a worry!"

Below see Behemoth on the left compared to an average huntsman on the right.

“We recommend catching them in a clean jar, using a ruler and releasing them in nearby bushland,” says Faulkner. Which is exactly what the park's rangers did ...

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