Dog v. human boxing match (video)

dog v human boxing match
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Dogs and humans have been dealing with each other's drama for thousands of years. It's time for the final showdown.

In one corner we have ... a dog. I don't know enough about dogs to say what kind. Maybe a golden retriever? He's got some pretty sweet, blue boxing gloves.

In the other corner, we have ... a human. I also don't know enough about humans to tell you what kind (a gym teacher maybe?). Whatever, he's the one with the red boxing gloves.

They're gearing up for it. The dog stands up. And ...

Paws up! from r/likeus

The human is down! The dog destroys him in about eight seconds. Guess it's dogs for the win this time, folks.

Dog v. human boxing match (video)
For real though, this dog can actually box.

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