Animals Taunted and Confined at Bahawlpur Zoo (Video)

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PETA and I may disagree about the ethics of eating meat, and there are plenty of people who object to PETA's overly sexualized campaign tactics. Nevertheless, I have always felt they are one of the more effective campaign organizations out there when it comes to getting their message across, and they are also morally consistent with their own beliefs—pushing for a radical rethink of animal rights across the whole Globe, and across all social sectors from zoos to farms to pets and beyond. Their latest target is Bahawlpur Zoo in Pakistan, and they're drawing attention to some tragic footage of animal mistreatment and neglect. Mistreatment & Neglect of Zoo Animals Routine
In their latest blog post, PETA Asia Pacific take aim at Bahawlpur Zoo claiming that animals are routinely mistreated, and kept confined in small, bare concrete pens with little or no opportunity to indulge in their natural behaviors.

Footage & Photographs of Animal Cruelty
Linking to some sad and upsetting preview photographs of an upcoming book by Karachi-based photographer Amean J., entitled simply BHV Zoo, PETA points out that the poor conditions at BHV Zoo have been known to the world for years. The video below was posted on the internet back in 2009, showing lions being taunted in their concrete pen back in 2009. Views have crept up to over 600,000—although judging by the comments there is a stark divide between those who find the zoo staffers' actions courageous, and those who find them both cruel and rather stupid.

Close Bahawlpur Zoo. Close All Zoos?
Now, says PETA, it's time to shut down Bahawlpur Zoo. PETA being PETA, they are also calling for people to boycott all zoos—a move that will no doubt stir up the age old debate over whether zoos can ever be green.

No matter what our views on the broader issue of zoos and sustainability, I suspect most of us would agree that animals that are kept in zoos, on farms, and in our homes should at the very least be treated with respect and be spared unnecessary suffering.