Artist's Painted Murals of Wild Animal Swarms Enliven the City

CC BY-ND 2.0. Jeanne Menjoulet via Flickr-Artwork by Ludo et Pantonio

The urban environment can be a tough place to find wild nature. Often, the angular boxiness and grittiness of concrete walls, roads, and bridges give the city a hardened feel, while green spaces are either an impossible luxury or a faraway place in the memory.

But well-done public art can challenge this domination of corners and grit. Evoking the fluidity, strength and pure energy of wild nature, Portuguese street artist Antonio Correia -- also known as "Pantonio" -- paints enormous murals depicting black and blue flocks of birds, rabbits, and even more local wildlife like fish and octopi.

This Is Colossal features Correia's unique style, which shows stylized forms of animals that are coloured in black and blue lines. This aesthetic lends an energetic, flowing and mysterious feel that pays homage to the power of nature, right in the heart of the city. His compositions emphasize a swift visual movement that seems to tear the static urban landscape apart.

Originally from the Azores Islands, the 41-year-old Correia has so far done public works all over the world, from Portugal, to France, China, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Russia and Tunisia. One of his works, located in the 13th arrondissement in Paris, is considered one of Europe's largest murals, measuring 66 meters high and 15 meters wide

Larger than life and moving fast like the wind, Correia's art reminds us that nature's energy is everywhere, even if we can't see it -- it's an invisible pulse that we can feel, and that we embody also. More over at Pantonio's Facebook.