Angel-Winged Halos Give Blind Dogs a New Leash on Life

A dog can compensate for a lack of sight, but not always completely. (Photo: Nudeang/Shutterstock)

When a dog goes blind after years of experiencing vision, it can be a confusing experience for not only the pup, but also the humans who love them. While most dogs are able to adjust to their disability thanks to their strong hearing and sense of smell, they still face the daily battle of bumping into walls and tumbling down stairs.

It was this struggle that led dog owner Silvie Bordeaux to develop an angel-winged metal halo guide to aid her elderly toy poodle, Muffin. After losing his vision to cataracts at age 11, Muffin became increasingly immobile and depressed, but thanks to this functional device, he can now move around safely ... and in style!

It wasn't long before Bordeaux patented her custom-design halos and began selling them to other concerned pet owners under the charming moniker, "Muffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs." The halos come in several colors and designs — there's even one that mimics the look of a football helmet!