Tiny Homes Can Mean Financial, Emotional Freedom & Better Relationships (Video)

Video screen capture. TEDx

Tiny homes aren't for everyone. Though the concept is gaining momentum, there are still some issues to work out before tiny homes can truly become mainstream (like finding a place to park one's tiny home in the long-term, or housing families with kids). But it's clear that tiny homes have a lot of advantages -- ranging from the potential of living happily with less, living debt-free, and more.

Tiny House Build's Andrew Morrison is one of these advocates of the smaller, better, New American Dream. Having once owned a large home with his wife, Gabriella, the couple felt enslaved to the cycle of endless mortgage payments and overabundance of "stuff," and the lack of time to actually enjoy life. Frustrated, they finally ditched most of their belongings, went on a five-month hiatus to Mexico in a pop-up tent trailer to decide what to do. They finally decided to build a tiny, modern 221-square-foot home that we featured earlier this year.

In this TEDx talk, Morrison discusses the impacts of big homes on one's wallet, peace of mind and relationships, and how tiny homes allow one to "live within the scale of one's humanity." It's a poetic way to tie in all the benefits of scaling down one's lifestyle, simplifying consumption to lighten one's footprint, and maintain a sense of freedom and flexibility. While smaller spaces may not suit everyone, Morrison provides useful insights into how one could take action to pare down and live more, regardless of the size of one's home.