An E-Waste Nightmare in Ghana (Video)

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Last year we covered Greenpeace's report about e-waste being labeled as second hand and then dumped on Ghana for disposal. PBS has just released a video on the growing e-waste problems in Ghana - TreeHugger's Naturally Savvy let us know about its release earlier in the month and even spoke with one of the people working on the film. A couple clips are now available for posting, and the issue is so important, we wanted to show them to you. The problem has become so bad, especially in Korle Lagoon, locals call the particular area explored in the film "Sodom and Gomorrah." Scroll to see the videos that show just how improperly disposed electronics can create a wasteland.

The article at PBS about the situation is fascinating as well, and highlights how e-waste is not a problem that will disappear any time soon, despite the push for stricter regulations in various countries.

Even here in the US, when there are new guidelines put on the books, it doesn't mean they're regulations, or even well-enforced. Or if there are regulations coming through the pipes, they often aren't tough enough. It was only a couple months ago, after all, that BAN caught one e-waste recycler sending electronics overseas after telling the people bringing in their old equipment that it would be recycled locally and responsibly - proving that tough regulations and enforcement are needed, and are lacking.

You can watch the full film at PBS. Then, test out your e-waste IQ.

Via Earth911