11 Amazing Photos From Discovery's 'Life'

BBC filmmakers focused on the behavior of species and the ways animals and plants have evolved to survive In the 10-part series "Life." We've selected some of the most scintillating snapshots for a look into these wonders of the world. You might even learn a thing or two.

Jesus Christ lizard

All photos courtesy of Discovery

The basilisk lizard uses its lightweight frame, specialized feet and incredible speed to walk on water, earning it the nickname "the Jesus Christ lizard."

Niue sea krait

The venomous Niue sea krait patrols the coast of Niue Island in the South Pacific. A single bite can kill a full-grown man, but humans don't seem to be this sea snake's favorite snack.

Leopard Seal

Leopard seals wait beneath the ice to surprise-attack penguins in the Southern Ocean.

Mosses and lichens

Vivid green mosses and lichens cover the trees of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England.

straw-colored fruit bats

Millions of straw-colored fruit bats fill the sky above Zambia's Kasanka National Park each year.

Sunflowers in France

A field of sunflowers absorbs sunlight in France.

Dragon's blood tree

Dragon's blood trees grow on Socotra, a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean. This unusual tree thrives in harsh conditions by reaching its branches high to gather moisture from the mist.

Japanese macaque snow monkeys

A Japanese macaque and her infant take refuge from the cold in a thermal spring.


Young stoats, also known as short-tailed weasels, play fight in Spain's Aran Valley.

Sea stars and urchins

Sea stars and sea urchins patrol the nutrient-rich seafloor of McMurdo Sound in Antarctica.

Male sage grouse

A male sage grouse calls for mates during the breeding season.