Amazing Lamp Powered by Algae, Water, and Your Breath

algae breath powered lamp photo
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Susana Camara Leret

Treehugger has noted before how one can generate electricity from algae; Now Designboom shows a lamp designed by Mike Thompson that uses the principle. Place the lamp outside and the algae generates electricity during photosynthesis; it gets stored in a battery and released when needed.

algae breath powered lamp image

The designer writes at his website:

Latro (latin for thief) incorporates the natural energy potential of algae and the functionality of a hanging lamp into its design. Synthesising both nature and technology in one form, Latro is a living, breathing product. Algae are incredibly easy to cultivate, requiring only sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water, offering a remarkably simple way of producing energy. Breathing into the handle of the lamp provides the algae with CO2, whilst the side spout allows the addition of water and release of oxygen. Placing the lamp outside in the daylight, the algae use sunlight to synthesize foods from CO2 and water. A light sensor monitors the light intensity, only permitting the leeching of electrons when the lux level passes the threshold - avoiding algae malnourishment. Energy is subsequently stored in a battery ready to be called upon during hours of darkness. Owners of Latro are required to treat the algae like a pet - feeding and caring for the algae rewarding them with light.

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