10 Amazing Eco Structures

The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland is gold ... and also green. (Photo: Daniel Ramirez [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Jerry James Stone has created a slideshow of 10 Droolworthy Eco Structures for Treehugger.com. The structures range from something I couldn’t even have dreamed about to projects that have already been completed and are being put to use.

Without further ado, here is a list of 10 Droolworthy Eco Structures:

  • The Dragonfly - a vertical farm concept.
  • The Vertical Park – a stackable skyscraper in Mexico City
  • Modularean Eco House – an eco-friendly dollhouse
  • Dystopian Farm – an urban high rise farm
  • Lilypad – a floating city
  • The Helix Hotel – built to harness the power of the sun and wind
  • Eco-Villa – solar panels are incorporated into the design at the house, keeping it aesthetically pleasing
  • The Cathedral of Christ the Light – a house of worship in Oakland, California
  • Pyramid Farm – a different play on the vertical farming concept
  • Project Frog – finally a nice looking school concept