Amazing Ad Watch: "DDT Is Good for Me-E-E"

ddt is good for me ad
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Oh for the fabulously optimistic fifties, when nuclear power was going to make electricity "too cheap to meter", our houses were going to be made of plastic and we could look forward to Better living through Chemistry. Oh, and DDT was so wonderful that you could buy wallpaper impregnated with it for your kid's bedroom. With Donald Duck and Pluto on it! What could possibly go wrong?


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How to be a Retronaut shows these great ads for the miracle product. After all, "one fly can carry as many as 6,000,000 bacteria!"


No doubt someone will suggest that "banning DDT killed more people than Hitler." Except as John demonstrated,it isn't true.

Besides, we know better now than to expose our kids to huge amounts of synthetic bug-killers. Who would put DDT in wallpaper or Triclosan in toothpaste today?