Almost Everything You Need to Survive in the Woods Is in the SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Axe

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We love transformers, designs that serve multiple functions and take up less space. Here's one that takes up seriously less space: When you go hiking or camping, it's good to have an axe, a saw and maybe a wrench. If you have to eat, an arrow or a spear might be useful. And whatever you do, don't forget the bottle opener and the knife.

Or, you could just take this clever little SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Axe out of your wallet. Grab a couple of zip ties and a piece of wood and it is all of the above. The nameless designer explains:

tactical credit card

© Survco

I designed the SURVCO Tactical Credit Card AX based off my experience in the Boys Scout and Military. I always wanted a tool that would let me feel prepared no matter where I was, and because I couldn't find any that had everything I wanted, I made my own.... This credit card multitool has over 20 functions and the most notable, and obvious, one is its ability to be mounted on a handle and used as a tactical axe.
tactical credit card

© Survco

It would be useful if I was alone out in the wilderness living in my Ecocapsule:

By using a handful of zip ties, rope or wires and a wooden handle, you can firmly attach this tool in order to make an axe. It is very easy to notice the arrow shaped cutout in the center of this tool which makes its second best use. Simply remove the arrowhead and attach in the same manner to a makeshift arrow shaft to get an arrow or a longer stick to get a spear, both of which will be very useful in case you have to go hunting or fishing. By attaching the arrowhead on the opposite side of the axe, you can create a tomahawk, a formidable and intimidating defensive weapon. Trust me, no one will go after stealing your stuff while you are wielding a tomahawk.

If you don't want to use your Mastercard for dinner, the tactical credit card will do the job for you.

This is a seriously minimalist design that gives new meaning to the phrase "less is more"- so many functions in such a little thing that costs just $ 30 on Etsy.

The designer is running a Kickstarter, ostensibly to buy equipment to make the Tactical credit card more efficiently, but it seems more like a tactical marketing move; the device is already for sale through a number of channels.