Alcohol: The Ecological Fuel of Tomorrow?

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Ok, so maybe you can’t quite storm the liquor cabinet when it starts to get cold outside again...but the EcoSmart Fire by the Australian-based Fire Company has potential. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are often smoky, if not toxic (and why not save a tree or two). Gas fireplaces, when done well, are an option....but how about one that uses a renewable fuel, like ethanol-based denatured alcohol? The flame for the sleekly-designed EcoSmart Fire is produced from this substance, called Ecohol. According to the manufacturer, it also burns clean, is biodegradable, and only emits ecologically-sound carbon dioxide and water-based steam. Without the need for gas, EcoSmart is easily attached—no extra pipes for a ventilation flue or a permanent gas connection. Plus, maintenance, the firm says, is a breeze. ::The Fire Company