Air Quality Sensor Makes a Fashion Statement

sensaris air sensor photo

Image via Sensaris

Dorky? Yes. Practical? Maybe. Sensaris is releasing a trial run of environmental sensing devices that you wear on your wrist in order to know the surrounding air quality. Air quality measurements don't get to the public in real time, so Sensaris figures we'll want to wear one of these bad boys before we take a deep breath of morning air. According to Sensaris:

Air pollution is highly location dependent, for example in the vicinity of traffic chokepoints. Large variations can also be observed whether one is temporarily exposed to upwind or downwind conditions. With greater concern and awareness regarding environmental quality at the neighborhood level, there is a growing need for integrated indicators to empower users and key decision makers for action.

Empower users for in, don't breathe if the sensor says the air is icky? It makes a lot of sense, though, to have people wearing these to help efficiently track air and noise quality patterns in various places so that perhaps better data could be gathered. The sensors can use Bluetooth to send data to mobile phones, making data transmission easy. If enough people are wearing them and enough data is being constantly uploaded to an accessable website, then people can get access to real time information on air quality.

But...getting people to wear them is a whole other story. Right now they'll be deployed in Paris (where they also have that cool balloon that alerts citizens to air quality), and we'll see if they catch on.