After 7 Years in a Shelter, Brad the Dog Finally Has a Home

Brad was brought into the shelter when he was just a few months old. Oahu SPCA

Brad was brought into the Oahu SPCA in Hawaii when he was about 3 months old. An Australian cattle dog mix, the puppy was very energetic and smart. And of course, very cute.

Brad was adopted ... but then he was returned. Maybe he was too energetic. Or too smart. Whatever the reason, no one seemed to be able to give Brad what he needed. Several times his sweet face and charming personality captured someone's heart. But the appeal didn't last long and Brad made his way back to the shelter.

Brad didn't seem to mind. He grew up at the SPCA. Volunteers would come take him on walks and play with him in the yard. He became everyone's favorite resident. Social media fans would follow his antics in videos, and the shelter kept trying to find him his forever home.

But when the right person didn't surface, shelter workers just sort of assumed that Brad would stay there forever.

Brad finds his people

Then a few months ago, a couple from Michigan was on vacation in Hawaii and met Brad. Hannah and her boyfriend, Jack, heard his story about being in the shelter for more than seven years. They couldn't believe he had been adopted and returned several times. One look at his sad face (and plump body) and they knew they had to give him a home.

"They instantly fell in love," shelter manager Ashley Weber tells MNN. "They expressed interest in adopting Brad and we have been in contact with them ever since working out the details and going through extensive interviewing to ensure they would be a great fit. The family has the perfect home in Michigan with a large backyard for Brad to roam while still having full access to their house."

Brad will also spend his weekends at a cabin in norther Michigan where he will go hiking in the forest and spend time chasing squirrels.

Because it will be expensive getting Brad from Hawaii to Michigan, the shelter set up a fundraiser to help pay his expenses. Brad is expected to arrive in Michigan the evening of May 16 and his new family will be there to pick him up when he arrives.

"For the most part Brad is a very relaxed, lazy boy who loves just belly rubs but he also loves to spend time outside, roaming in the grass and laying in the sunshine," says Weber.

"Brad is very loved here at the Oahu SPCA and we will miss him deeply but we are all so excited for his new journey."