After Rebranding, 'Ugly' Fish Populations Drop

Chilean sea bass look pretty on the plate but ugly in the ocean. (Photo: Derek Hatfield/Shutterstock)

It used to be good to be a "trash fish." These fish were the ugly ones that no one ordered at the market or restaurant. Without a market for their flesh, these fish were, more or less, left alone by fisherman.

In the '70s, the slimehead fish was rebranded as orange roughy by seafood dealers. Sales soared and the slimehead/orange roughy was nearly fished out of existence.

The same thing happened to the Patagonian toothfish (aka Chilean sea bass), whore's eggs (aka Maine sea urchin), and mud crabs (aka peekytoe crab).

The Washington Post has a story about ugly fish and the work being done to help conserve them and other fish stock — give a click over and read.

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