Adventuresome Hedgehog Is Instagram Star

Biddy the hedgehog
Biddy is an African pygmy hedgehog with an adventurous spirit.

xX23Richard23Xx / Screencapture from video

With more than 82,000 followers on photo-sharing app Instagram, Biddy is the most popular — and certainly the most well-traveled — hedgehog on the web.

Editor's note: Biddy passed away, but his adventures live on on the internet.

The 8-ounce animal is the prickly pet of Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher. The Oregon couple photographs Biddy’s frequent travels, which range from the local doughnut shop to Mount Hood.

DeWeese and Unterseher never expected Biddy’s Instagram account to become so popular. "We thought we'd get, like, 500 followers," DeWeese told The Oregonian.

But the 2-year-old African pygmy hedgehog won Instagram users over with his adorable face and adventurous spirit.

However, Biddy’s potential travel destinations are limited because hedgehogs aren’t legal in every state. While he can visit Washington and Oregon, he can’t venture south into California.

Despite Biddy’s growing popularity, Unterseher says he hopes their story doesn’t inspire people to rush out and adopt their own hedgehog.

The animals require a great deal of care, and the Hedgehog Welfare Society encourages people to do their research before adopting one.

Biddy’s popularity has also motivated DeWeese and Unterseher to get out and explore the Pacific Northwest.

"I think now we go outdoors a lot more," DeWeese said. "We did go out a lot before, but now we feel like we have to every week because everyone's expecting an adventure."