7 Adorable Videos of Baby Animals Taking Baths

This adorable baby hedgehog is only five weeks old. Martina Akerman/YouTube

If you've ever had to give your dog — or, unfortunately, your cat — a bath, you know that not all animals enjoy bathtime. But there's no denying that those critters sure are cute when they're getting clean.

We've rounded up seven baby animal bath videos that are sure to make you smile.

Fennec foxes

After falling asleep in their food, these four fennec foxes were in need of a good soak, so their caretaker gave them a good scrub in a bubblebath.


A litter of precious pug puppies soaps up in the bathtub, and a couple of them try to make a run for it.


Nala the adorable baby monkey tolerates her bath by clinging to a toy.


A baby raccoon named Tyrone Biggums — yes, of "Chappelle's Show" fame — is having the time of his life as he investigates the drain and splashes in the water.


This little armadillo seems to enjoy splashing and playing in the tub.


Watch teeny tiny hedgehogs get their first bath at just 5 weeks old. They're gently scrubbed by hand and toweled off, and when the orderal is over, it's dinner time.


Despite popular belief, not all cats hate water. In fact, this tiny kitten seems rather content getting washed and dried.