8 Adorable Otter Videos Will Make You Smile

When you're in a sour mood, let the otter bring you back to the sweet side of life. (Photo: S.Cooper Digital/Shutterstock).

There is nothing like the adorable antics of otters to cheer you up if you're having a tough day -- or to simply entertain you when you need a mental health break in the mid-afternoon. We've gathered up some super cute videos of river otters and sea otters that are sure to make you giggle.

Otter pups bounce and squeak like little rubber toys

Who knew they could sound just like bouncing squeaker balls! This group of river otters seem like they're straight out of a cartoon.

Otter juggles pebbles

The best part is how it keeps grabbing more stones to make sure the juggling stays a challenge!

Cute otters chasing a toddler

Fun at the aquarium for the animals and the kids. We're sure this game of chase could have gone on for hours.

Baby otter enjoys getting tickled!

Need we say more?!

Sea otter plays basketball to keep in shape

This sea otter has a fun way of keeping healthy and young. Combine a ball, a basketball hoop, and some fish treats and you have one athletic otter!

Otters at the Smithsonian National Zoo rocking out on a keyboard

They may not be the most musically talented bunch, but they go at it with enthusiasm.

Cheeky otter explores this couple's jeep

Otters are curious and smart, and love to explore. And that includes the interior of tourist cars. This little guy hopped in to have a sniff and stayed for awhile!

Orphaned sea otter pup gets adopted

This last video will tug at your heart strings, and have you feeling pretty good about the world.