Girl Gets Amazing Response When She Shows Off New Prosthetic Leg at School

Anu, a 7-year-old in Birmingham, England, had to have her leg amputated shortly after birth. Since then, she's been using a prosthetic leg. This week, she got a bespoke sports blade made especially for her. When she debuted the sports blade at school, her classmates greeted her with happy questions — "Is that your new pink leg?" — and hugs of support and acceptance. And then they just run around the yard together, and the look of joy on everyone's faces ...

Sorry, there's some dust in here.

Anu still uses a regular prosthesis on a daily basis, but when she's going to be running or jumping or playing soccer in the backyard with her dad, she dons the sports blade. Anu is a big fan of her new leg since, as she explained to BBC Midlands Today, "It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster."

Yes, that's right, as if Anu couldn't get more awesome, she has some rad street dancing moves, too, that you can get a sample of in the video below.

Anu's sports blade came to her courtesy of the British government. Following the Paralympics last summer, the government set aside £1.5 million (roughly $2 million) to provide sports and swimming blades to children. These prosthetic have to be replaced every few years (ask any parent: kids tend to grow very quickly), and the funding runs out next March. There's no word on whether or not more money will be provided.

One hopes, however, that British lawmakers see videos like Anu's and realize the value of such programs.