Zerofootprint and Treehugger Have Teamed up!

Dr. Ron Dembo is the founder and CEO of, a not-for-profit social network dedicated to reducing ecological footprint.

Prior to founding Zerofootprint, Dr. Dembo was the founder, CEO and president of Algorithmics Incorporated, growing it from a start-up to the largest risk-management software company in the world, with offices in fifteen countries and over 70% of the world's top 100 banks as clients. Algorithmics was consistently voted as one of the top 50 best managed companies in Canada.

Prior to Algorithmics, he had a distinguished academic career at Yale University, where he was cross-appointed between the Department of Computer Science and the School of Management. Dr. Dembo has published over sixty technical papers on finance and mathematical optimization, and holds a number of patents in computational finance.

In addition to Zerofootprint, Dr. Dembo's latest ventures include Zfp Carbon, which is poised to participate in the rapidly expanding carbon market, and Zfp Energy, which provides financing for renewable energy projects.

Dr. Dembo's most recent book, Upside, Downside: Simple Rules of Risk Management for the Smart Investor, which he co-authored with Daniel Stoffman, was published in March 2006 by Doubleday Canada.

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