Who Should Sponsor Our Umbrella Contests???


Have you seen non-biodegradable umbrella carcasses littered on the sidewalks after a storm? We have. Soon, TreeHugger and ID Magazine (along with Plenty, The Sustainable Style Foundation, and Earth Pledge) will announce a pair of design competitions called Umbrella Inside Out. The first competition involves designing a sturdy, sustainable umbrella. The second, fashion component asks for outfits made from discarded umbrellas. You get the idea: we want to encourage innovation around both sustainable design and smart re-use. TreeHugger readers will count down the finalists, who will then be judged in real-world venues by prestigious judges, with cool to-dos and a spread in ID to follow. But in order to create eco-fabulous events and generate the kind of attention we’d like, we, of course, need sponsorship dollars! What companies would you like to see supporting the competitions and getting all sorts of cred for making them happen? Tell us and we'll see what they think...


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