Welcome TreeHugger Correspondent Collin Dunn

Collin is a sustainability enthusiast living in Corvallis, Oregon. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, he became involved in fun outdoor activities like skiing, backpacking, hiking and mountain biking from an early age. Before coming to TreeHugger, he cut his enviro-teeth at Grist and Sustainable Style Foundation, both in Seattle, Washington. He really digs modern design, music and pop culture, and believes that they all have a place in our greener world and are a great way to engage a mainstream audience in a greener lifestyle.

For TreeHugger and Planet Green, he most often writes about ideas and products that can help us all be a little greener and live a little better. He believes in human ingenuity and the power of positive thinking, that the democratic process works when everyone engages in it, and that we should all vote with our dollars and our actions. Collin believes everyone can do something every single day to make the world a better place. He can be reached at collin at treehugger dot com.