Welcome to TreeHugger 2.0

Drum roll..... this is it folks, the new spanking clean and super fancy TreeHugger 2.0. We've been working our tails off to get the site better looking, better organized, and more user friendly and what you see here is what we've come up with. We've got better, more clear categorization, some cleaner design, nifty post "hoppers" on the side to help you navigate, and a few more things to come!

Have fun poking around and let us know if anything's broken (as if that could possibly happen). I really hope you like it and want to send some special shouts of thanks out to Michael Graham Richard, our chief editor, Eva Jacobus who helped in the migration, Federico Silvka - the master designer from Barcelona, as well as Jessica Root, our priceless manager and Graham Hill for busting this whole thing together.

Note from Michael: And of course, we all want to thank our excellent media architect, master of all things technical and of actually implementing all these fancy ideas that we come up with (and coming up with a lot of them himself), Nick Aster. We've all been working really hard lately, but I'm sure that he had an extra dose of that. Thanks Nick!