Watch the Premiere Episode of Planet Green's Focus Earth - Saturday, July 12!

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Finally! A news program that won't give me the week's projected weather forecast a million times or uplift me with stories about local shootings.

That's right. At 6PM EST, tomorrow night, Saturday, July 12, Planet Green will premiere Focus Earth With Bob Woodruff. Produced by ABC News, the weekly newscast prides itself as one of the more serious shows in the Planet Green line-up, covering subjects like climate change, environmental policy, politics, events and religion.
Woodruff, world-renowned for his rich journalistic coverage at ABC-from the war in Iraq to North Korea's nuclear showdown-will take the lead as Focus Earth's lead anchor.

In tomorrow night's premiere episode, Woodruff explores the effect of climate change on the U.S.'s Northern Great Plains (of which almost 99% of the rural landscape is either farmed or grazed) and its wildlife. And correspondent John Berman will give a special report from the campaign trail, focusing on the environmental platforms of Obama and McCain.

Not only that, Woodruff gets an exclusive late-breaking interview with former President Bill Clinton. Here's a little taste of the deliciously green discourse: The candid Clinton expresses hope about the nominees but knocks Bush's efforts (recently announced at this week's G8 summit in Lake Toya, Japan) to cut emissions by 50 percent over 40 years. Clinton calls it a "net plus" but adds, "I would like to have seen more done Most of the climate scientists believe we'll have to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent. And they did not agree to a more ambitious target in the interim, by 2020, which I think should have been done."

Amen, to that.

Unlike your ordinary news show, Focus Earth intends to "present news and information the average American can use in their daily life." Join me then in tuning out my useless local news and tuning into Planet Green!

Focus Earth premieres on July 12 and airs weekly every Saturday at 6PM EST. Can't find Planet Green? Don't fret! Use the channel finder.

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