Want To See the LA Screening of Arctic Tale?


TreeHugger recently found under our couch cushions 20 tickets for the Los Angeles screening of the upcoming movie Arctic Tale. Produced by National Geographic Films and Paramount Classic, Arctic Tale follows the story of a polar bear and a walrus growing up and trying to cope with a rapidly changing ecosystem. Head on over to arctictalemovie.com for the theatrical trailer, film synopsis, and to find ways you can get involved to help stop global warming. The Los Angeles screening is on Tuesday, July 24th at the ARCLIGHT in Hollywood. Unfortunately for you, we aren't nice enough to just give the tickets away, we are going to make you work for them. The first 10 people to complete the scavenger hunt at the end of this post will come away with a pair of tickets for the screening. Not in LA? You can sign up for a free screening near your home at arctictalemovie.com.First, search TreeHugger for the following questions:

1) In June, we wrote about a Canadian town near the Arctic circle than had to fly all of its food in from many miles away. Recently, the town built a community greenhouse to cut down on the town's food miles. What is the name of this Canadian town?

2) In one of our guides for How To Go Green, we suggest grabbing a sweater and cuddling up with some hot cider or cocoa as a solution to cold winter evenings. Which guide was this in?

3) What country did NASA say is getting greener by the day... in the bad way. Ice is rapidly melting from what famously cold country?

Next, find the answers to the following questions on the Arctic Tale website (arctictalemovie.com)

1) Who is Arctic Tale's narrator?

2) How many lbs of CO2 can you save by not using another ream of paper?

3) How many lbs of CO2 can you save per year by using a push mower?

When you get your answers, send them to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com. We will give away a pair of tickets to the first 10 people to get all 6 questions correct. Happy hunting!