Two Years Ago in TreeHugger


The Un-Treehugger prize of the year, perhaps the decade, went to the Daquiri Whacker, with 23cc's of two stroke gasoline polluting goodness. However with two years of global warming behind us since then, those ice cold daiquiris look even better.


Elizabeth Royte's Garbage Land first received notice; It went on to do very well (our review here) , becoming Washington Post book of the year. We understand she is now working on a book on water.

Cameron Sinclair put out an urgent call for a flatbed truck to move some shelters to Grenada after Hurricane Emily. How different the world was then, before the tsunami and Katrina; flatbed trucks were no longer going to do very much as Cameron had to learn to deal with horrors of a completely different scale.


Mioculture continues to surprise and entertain us with clever ideas; the Bale chair "is made from two FSC-certified wood veneers, nylon levelers, 100% recycled polyester webbing straps, and whatever you want to stack between the seat and the floor. Aside from putting all the books you never read in school to good use, the chair provides a fun synthesis of artistic expression and DIY-ingenuity, and an update is never more than a bookshelf-cleaning away."::Mioculture


I was very rude and mean to startup Zerofootprint. Since then I have come to know founder Ron Dembo and worked with the Zerofootprint team for a short time, and have come to greatly admire them. (and they changed their logo.) They are doing great things and have come so far in two years; I apologize.