Two Years Ago In TreeHugger: Whatever Happened to.....


Whatever happened to the MiniHome, first shown two years ago this week? Andy tells us that he and his new partners at Altius Architects have booked a pile of sales, and are, after the usual startup struggles, finally going into production. The Mountain Pine Beetle continues to devastate western forests, although the David Suzuki Foundation thinks that clearcutting it like mad is the wrong solution; "Instead of clearcutting affected trees, the Suzuki Foundation believes that any management plan for the mountain pine beetle, other bark beetles, and forests in general, must be based on a sound ecosystem-based approach." We first raised concerns about the Alberta Tar Sands, which continue to be ignored by all levels of government as they race to extract more and more for the American market, no matter what the environmental cost. And remember the Loon, the solar powered pontoon boat? This summer it did the Erie canal from Oswego to Albany, "first solar-powered watercraft to navigate the New York State canal system" ::More

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