Two Years Ago in TreeHugger: We Only Read it for the Articles


We started our veritable Victoria's Secret runway show of strange Japanese bras with the Warm Biz Bra, an answer to a nationwide government campaign urging workers to bundle up and save energy on heating. It had removable pads that can be heated in a microwave or hot water -- as well as long, furry straps that wrap around the neck like a scarf, and matching shorts. "Warm Biz lets you add a little fun and chic to office wear, and prevents global warming," says the manufacturer, also responsible for the chopstick bra and the handy shopping bag bra.

Aspen Skiing Company has been a regular at TreeHugger with every announcement of LEED buildings, wind power and eco moves while catering to an audience that flies in on private jets and gets winched up the hill. The incongruity of it all came out when a disillusioned Aspen VP Auden Schendler finally admitted to Business Week "Who are we kidding?"

Some of the most popular posts we have ever had on TreeHugger have been on alternative stoves; Justin started a career of it two years ago. In a shameless bid to drive traffic we link again to our pellet stove posts here and here and here and here and here.

Oh, and James Howard Kunstler predicted that oil prices were going to rise in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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