Two Years Ago In TreeHugger: The $100 Laptop "Almost a Reality"

Just to show how things take so much longer than we expect, two years ago Collin wrote "Thanks to Nicholas Negroponte and the Media Lab at MIT, children in developing nations around the world will have access to technology.....The laptops will largely be powered by a side-mounted hand-crank, and can be juiced up with conventional electric current or batteries, when they're available"

As we all know, it has had a troubled start; the crank is gone (it now is a pull cord) Yves Behar gave it a makeover, it didn't cost $100 (it costs $188) and third world countries aren't buying it, so they have to do a two for one sale - buy one for yourself and donate one. All of which is such a shame because it was such a good idea.

Also: How to make a green roof and Monster Home gets AIA green project award- that would not happen today.